Debutant space-farers scenarii

Next system 1200 L.C.
    An intricate planetary system is not always the best place to boast of your skills, when all the good free-lancers abroad feel suddenly very busy, at least too much to take the offer of a high courtisan, also whispered to be sold to the rebellion...
Space Sports
    Armored escort and high-value trade, involving skirmishes, allies deception and technological risk: a `deep space' style scenario, with usefull, and perhaps long-lasting contacts to make... if you know how to handle them.
A scenario for seasoned space and planetary nebula slouchers

Mists of a Dying Sun
    Do you believe in science? Well, if you do, and are ready to throw in your skills and experience, as well as a good part of what you use as a soul, you could well end up saving half of the Galaxy. Not that anybody will thank you for it, rather the contrary. However, material compensation and the friendship of not-too-fools should make up for it.